Jack Renouf,   President of Nauvoo Pageant
​“Chenille is the type of performer that people keep coming back to hear again and again. Her voice hasa wonderful range which she uses to its fullest extent. Don't miss any opportunity to listen to this wonderful performer."

Logan,  Utah’s Herald Journal Review: 
“It’s been said by many that, Chenille’s glow while on stage is both entrancing and contagious…she is a performer of exceptional talent and sensitivity.”

Paul Peterson,  UNLV Professor: 
“Chenille has tough mindedness and persistence beyond what most people can or will give on and off stage. She will succeed in anything she does because of it”

Marta Johns,  Artistic Instructor:
 “I am impressed by the sense of humanity and compassion on stage as well as in her life, an attribute which is perhaps harder to come by these days.” 

"Chenille soars as a majestic coloratura soprano . . .then can turn around and caress your senses with the lush alto she knows you crave." 
Kenneth Reynolds, VP North American Country Music Assoc. Int'l
“I have heard the National Anthem sung more times than I could count. But, wow 
Chenille singing it Sunday was beyond amazing.”

Peter Sklar,  New York Talent Scout
​“One of the mid-west’s most down to earth human beings
 who is moving the arts along by doing big things for her career and community!”

"Out of all the studios I attend throughout Canada and the United 
States, Chenille's students emerge as a complete package and are 
prepared to step onto the professional stage.”

Susie Dennis, Mother of a Student
“Chenille has a gift! She instilled in my daughter principles and showed her 
how to never give up, to go for what she wants in life. She not only talks it, she lives it.” 
Athena Monson, Mother of a Student
"She has such “class” with a range of musical talent, she loves music and it shows-She is Contagious!!!"​ 

​​​Jayne C. Kernene, Retired Music Professor
“Chenille has a rare talent that encompasses the full spectrum of vocal ​​​music. She not only has the beautiful quality of Bel Canto, and perfect ​​​placement, but the strength and volume demanded of a professional ​​​opera diva!”​

 Marcy DeMint, Mother of a student
“Chenille has taught my daughter for 6 years and has boosted her confidence tremendously. She has stressed interacting emotionally with the audience. Chenille’s excellent program has allowed my daughter to meet Broadway professionals, attend workshops in New York, and perform at an Off-Broadway venue. Chenille has also encouraged my daughter to perform locally for various community and charity events. My daughter has become a recognized musician in the surrounding areas thanks to Chenille’s example and inspiration.”

North American Country Music Assoc. Int'l
Female Entertainer of the Year
Female Vocalist of the Year